Grass Seed

Whittal Seeds process and supply an extensive range of mixtures for short, medium and long term leys. In addition the range includes overseeding, equine and poultry mixes, along with specialist orchard, sport, lawn, commercial and environmental options.

The grass seed mixtures include specific species which are also available in straights or can be mixed to your specification.

Grassland is an important element of livestock farming and requires a good pasture management to deliver efficient production systems.

Over time grass yield will decrease through weather, age of plant and intensive use. In the first couple of years up to 20% of the yield can be lost from the sward and after six years up to 40% of the pasture will
consist of unsown varieties.

Grazed grass is the most cost effective form of feed therefore a good reseeding program is the key to productivity and profitability.

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