Amenity Advice

For a new lawn we recommend our mixture


Whittal Seeds

For overseeding or thickening a patchy lawn we recommend


Whittal Seeds

Ultimate Establishment

1. Plan

  • The best condition for the soil is for it to be warm and moist with sun exposure.
  • For the seed to perform you will need at least 6 inches of topsoil, this needs to be level.
  • Then rake the topsoil to remove as many stones as you can.

2. Establish

  • We recommend 50 grams of seed per square metre.
  • You can either use an amenity seed spreader or scatter the seed by hand.
  • You will then need to rake again so there is a light covering of soil. You don’t want to bury the seed, just a covering of no more than 5mm.
  • If it is possible, you could roll it. If it is not a large area you could gently tread it in.

3. Nurture

  • One of the most critical points is if there is not enough rainfall, you will need to water your grass seed.

“As a general rule of thumb you should water until just some particles of soil stick to your hand when you press your palm into it. You do not want to see pools of water laying on the surface and you do not want a hand covered in mud.” ( Germinal Amenity)